I am currently supervising the MA student and trainee Mehmetcan Fal who is working on gesture recognition within the project GETUI.

During my stay at the University of Oldenburg, I supervised the following two students:
  • Marina Sartison(2015) - Kommunikation über Audiosignale zwischen räumlich entfernten Gruppen (MA Thesis)
  • Bastian Ehrhard(2015) - Lenkung der Aufmerksamkeit auf eine potentielle Kommunikationssituation im Büroalltag (BA Thesis)

  • In the past, I co-supervise(d) three PhD students during my post-doc at the LRC, Ireland:

    1) Lorcan Ryan (2009-2012)
    Thesis title: Design and Development Guidelines for Global Digital Content

    2) Lucia Morado (2009-2012)
    Thesis title: Localisation Knowledge: Capture, Organisation and Use

    3) Madeleine Lenker (2009-2012)
    Thesis title: Localisation Workflow Specifications for Bulk (Enterprise) Localisation

    I have also supervise(d) and examine(d) the following Master students:

  • Rodrigo Gomes de Oliveira (2012) - Brazilian Portuguse for Natural Language Generation
  • Katherine Moreno Jones (2010) - Crowdsourcing
  • Marc Dresden (2010) - XLIFF Interoperability
  • Javier Sanchez Velasco (2010) - Internationalisation Guidelines for Project Management

  • Enda Quigley (2010) - Primary School Toolkit (Education and Outreach)
  • Saad Aboukhalid, Floriane Duguépéroux, Mayra Lozada, Virginie Jakobi (University of Strasbourg) - Localising memoQ 4.0 from English into French:

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